We’d like to introduce you to the mysterious beauty and attraction of opals if you hadn’t already thought about getting one as an engagement ring. Vintage opals reflect a different kind of brightness than a diamond—a mystical, iridescent sparkle—which makes them the ideal engagement ring for the unconventional non-diamond bride, according to jewelry designer Hamamoto.

What Is Opal?

Opals are exceedingly rare gemstones that are prized for their play of color, which is a display of flashing colors. The opal, which is the birthstone for October, is created during the dry period that follows seasonal rains in places like Australia.

“Opals are undeniably breathtakingly gorgeous. Each opal is absolutely unique, which is appropriate for the unique bride “Hamamoto goes on. Opal jewelry is amazing because, in addition to being very gorgeous, it is also considerably more affordable than large diamond engagement rings.

The Origins of Opal Rings

Look no further if you want your engagement ring stone to have a deeper meaning. Opals, sometimes referred as “The Queen of Gems” and honored as the birthstone for October, have a rich history that dates back to the Middle Ages, when it was thought that wearing an opal would render the wearer invisible. When Queen Victoria developed a fascination with them, opals came back into style. Cleopatra and Empress Josephine are two other well-known historical figures who were opal lovers. So you get along very well. Thus, you are among friends. Here are some facts before you start looking for the ideal vintage opal engagement ring because it’s really hard to resist the allure of these stones, and we’re willing to bet you already have.

Are Opals Good for Engagement Rings?

Risks to Think About

Opals are somewhat fragile

When evaluating a gem’s endurance, three things are taken into account: the gem’s hardness (how easily can it be scratched? ), its toughness (how easily can it be cracked or chipped? ), and its stability (will chemicals, light, temperature, or moisture change the gem’s appearance?). On all three of these, the opal is relatively brittle.


Opals range from 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. It can be scratched by a variety of objects because that gem is quite soft. For instance, quartz, which rates a 7 on the Mohs scale, is frequently found in minute amounts in home dust. These quartz particles might scratch the surface of your opal since materials with a higher number can scratch those with a lower number.


Although opals are fairly durable, a strong knock on a table surface could cause your opal to break or chip. But even diamonds do, so opal holds up reasonably well in this regard.


Opals normally contain a certain amount of moisture, and when that moisture is lost, the opal may start to develop a network of surface fissures. This is called cracking.The gem may lose moisture if it is kept in extremely dry or hot environments, or if it is exposed to the sun for extended periods of time. Extreme temperature swings can also be harmful to opal. Furthermore, hydrophane opals (such as many of those from Ethiopia) rapidly absorb water and can also absorb oils or chemicals that travel inside the stone with the water, which can cause discoloration or loss of the stone’s lovely color play.

In light of all of these factors, we categorize opals as a higher risk gem for everyday use. These delicate center stones may need special care and may occasionally need to be replaced, but they can still be a wonderful center stone for a vintage engagement ring.

3 Reasons to Choose an Opal

Opals are lovely, cherished, and have no substitute

In this black opal engagement ring, the black opal with intense, vivid blues and greens steals the stage.

Opals are stunning, distinctive, sentimental, and incredibly popular. They rank among our top five most popular stones for engagement rings. Opal is the only stone with the same shimmering rainbow of colors.

The opal’s vivid colors are set against this ring’s exquisite, nature-inspired craftsmanship.

Opals are very unique. Many clients are familiar with them and have their hearts set on one of the well-known opal kinds. There is really no substitute, either. Opals exhibit vivid flashes of color that shift at every angle, a wide variety (and distinctive blend) of colors, and unusual patterns that range from tiny pinpoints of color to big rolling flashes of color. There isn’t a substitute we can suggest that offers you a similar look with better toughness. That’s definitely worth the risk for many people.

Opals are reasonably priced

Opals are among the least expensive center stone available today. Therefore, knowing that the cost of replacing your center stone won’t break the bank can give you peace of mind. We are aware that not everyone wants to own this. Given the significance of an engagement ring, some people may experience a significant loss at the thought of losing and replacing the center stone, regardless of the expense. If the thought of replacing your center stone makes your heart sink, go with your intuition and choose a different center stone gem.

Numerous people wear opals for years

We should tell you that humans have been manufacturing and wearing opal rings for a very long time. We commonly hear accounts about people wearing opal rings consistently for years without experiencing any problems. Therefore, despite the risk, many satisfied opal wearers assure us that they are content with their decision.

Opal Rings In Vintage Style

It’s no secret that vintage opal engagement rings have benefits: These stones may hold profound significance. Opals retain an alluring allure because of their lustrous brightness and brilliance, and they are also the birthstone for people born in October. In fact, the most of people concur that these stones shine naturally without the need for excessive additional embellishments.

What to Look for in a Vintage Opal Engagement Ring

What is the price of vintage opals? Opals are distinguished by their background tone and appear in a wide range of colors. The most valuable opals are black, whereas white opals are the most prevalent.

Opals do they sparkle as brightly as other stones? The stone’s “play of color” refers to the ethereal flashes that can appear in a rainbow of colors.

Do opals have a lot of color? Opals with very subtle color patterns can appear to be totally opaque.

Are Opals rough? Like pearls, opals are a smooth stone rather than being faceted like other gems.

Which Hues Work Best for a Vintage Engagement Ring with Opals?

Opal actually exists in a variety of colors, despite the fact that most people associate it with being a white gemstone. Instead of the color it flashes, opal is categorized according to the hue of its primary background color. Their primary backdrops can be white, black, grey, or orange. They can also flash any color in the rainbow. Thus, there is undoubtedly a color combination that will suit your affection.


The most popular Opal on the market and what most people think of when they hear the word “Opal” is white. It features white background with flashes of light in a rainbow of colors. These flashes might be large and sweeping or tiny and sparkling. White opal of lower grade may not display any color play at all and may simply appear to be a plain, pure white stone. Couples should search for a vivid, multicolored play of color when selecting a White Opal Engagement Ring.


Mexican Fire Opal has a flaming vivid orange color. While some stones display an orange and yellow play of color, others do not. Mexican Fire Opal is frequently faceted in addition to its frequent cabochon form (a gemstone shape with a flat bottom and a rounded top). This is because Fire Opal is frequently more transparent than its siblings and cousins. When buying a Fire Opal Vintage Engagement Ring, couples should search for excellent clarity. Any crazing, or cracks, will detract from the stone’s attractiveness. More about fire opal: Things You Need to Know About Fire Opal Rings


Black and Grey Opal is distinguished by having a smoky body hue. The Opal may flash red, blue, green, and yellow, and its spectacular use of color is enhanced by the dark background. The most expensive and rarest type of opal is black, while red play of color opals are the most sought-after. When choosing a black or grey opal, couples should ensure that the color of the gemstone is always consistent. The value and beauty are diminished by dead areas.


The name “Crystal Opal” accurately describes this crystal, which is jelly-clear with flashes of color. This gem’s primary hue may be entirely transparent or have shades of white, grey, or black. The excessive use of color in Crystal Opal’s designs frequently obscures the main color. Crystal Opal is commonly cut as a cabochon, although it can also be faceted. When selecting a Crystal Opal Engagement Ring, couples should search for stones with high levels of transparency from all sides. Turn the stone around and see inside! Patches of opacity (lack of transparency) will lessen the aesthetic value.


When removing the Opal from its boulder would cause the stone to crack, gems are cut in this way. Boulder Opals are distinct from doublets. Boulder Opals will not have a sheet of dark background, but rather several bits of host rock. In order to avoid the boulder detracting from the beauty of the stone, couples selecting a Boulder Opal Vintage Engagement Ring should opt for well-proportioned, well-polished gems.


An improvement is to attach a sturdy, black backing to a clear Opal piece in order to increase its durability. A “doublet” Opal is one of this kind (meaning two pieces). The top of a “triplet” is transparent quartz, with a dark backdrop. Couples should be aware that, despite being stronger than Natural Opal, Doublets and Triplets are still not particularly hard. Additionally, they are less expensive than Natural Opal.

Lab Opals

Opals manufactured by humans in a lab are known as lab opals. While a Natural Opal and a Lab Opal are essentially chemically identical, the tranquil, controlled environment in which Lab Opals grow (as opposed to wild nature!) does provide a different aesthetic. Lab Opals are significantly more uniform in color and flash than their natural counterparts since we have complete control over what enters into the stone. In contrast to Natural Opals, which may have a broad flash of light in one area and none in another, Lab Opals frequently exhibit even flashes of light throughout the entire stone. Additionally, lab opals are available in a wider range of hues, including violet, lime green, vivid yellow, etc. Couples often choose a lab opal engagement ring because of the enormous color variety and reliable flash.

A lab-created opal vintage engagement ring has the additional advantage of being a little more durable than a natural opal. Lab Opals benefit from a denser makeup since they form consistently and with less water. Because of this, Lab Opals are somewhat more durable in use than Natural Opals, although they are still not extremely robust daily gems.

Vintage Opal Engagement Rings: 5 Opal Rings For The Elegant Bride

Round Opal Split Shank Ring & Diamond Halo Vintage Rose Gold Opal Engagement Rings

A basic approach to stand out is to wear this stackable ring with a birthstone! Celebrate your birthday, the birth of a loved one, or any other significant occasion!

This 14K gold-plated opal engagement ring set birthstone ring has a hypoallergenic, nickel- and lead-free finish that will last for a very long time. Elleroses’ birthstone ring is an adjustable opal ring. Most finger sizes are accommodated. Size can be changed with a hard bend.

Vintage Opal Engagement Ring Rose Gold Oval-Cut Opal Ring with Diamond Accents

This vintage opal ring features a 0.12 carat diamond and 0.8 carat opal which is carefully packed in eye-catching boxes with luxurious interiors. October’s birthstone and the customary gemstone present for the 12th, 14th, 21st, 34th, and 43rd wedding anniversaries. Ideal present for any celebration, including a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, graduation, Thanksgiving, or a holiday. Available in a range of sizes from 3 to 13. Every Opal Ring is made with outstanding craftsmanship, making it durable for many generations.

14K Rose Gold Vintage Style Opal Engagement Rings Oval Opal And Diamond Ring

The ring is simply breathtaking. It contains a bright, rainbow-filled opal. There are 2 diamonds on each side of the center stone. The oval-shaped opal looks elongated on the wearer’s fingers and is suitable for all occasions.

14K White Gold Round Fire Vintage Opal Wedding Band With Diamond Accents

Fire opal, commonly referred to as “Stone of Love,” is far more uncommon than ordinary opal. Fire opals are far more valuable than conventional opals because of their rarity. It stands for success and good fortune. The birthstone for October is opal. Finished with a 0.03 carat natural diamond that is H-I color and I1 clarity.

This superb diamond wedding ring features exquisitely hand-crafted pieces of unmatched quality that are appropriate for every event.

Vintage Inspired Oval Opal Halo Ring with Heart Motifs Vintage Opal Rings for Women

This piece of jewelry is available in a range of sizes from 3 to 13, which features a 0.3 carat diamond and a 1.1 carat opal. Metals include Sterling Silver, 14K White Gold, 14K Yellow Gold, 14K Rose Gold, Platinum

Free of charge authenticity certificate. Elleroses sells beautiful Opal jewelry in a range of high-quality styles. All of genuine opal comes straight from mines and producers. Every item of Opal jewelry is made with outstanding craftsmanship, making it durable for many generations.

How to Maintain a Vintage Opal Engagement Ring

First things first, opals need to be handled delicately because they are one of the softest gemstones. Also take note that opals made in laboratories typically have a bit more strength than their natural counterparts. You should always treat your ring gently because opals are softer jewels. Always take the vintage opal ring to a jeweler for cleaning; they are trained to handle the opal with care.

In order for your opal jewelry to last a lifetime and become family heirlooms, we urge that you wear it with great care. “Avoid using severe cleaning products on them, taking them rock climbing, and submerging them in water.”

Setting Styles

The vintage opal in the contemporary halo ring is safeguarded by the bezel setting, which also gives the band a streamlined look.

Opals need to be protected, and this can be done through certain design. Bezel settings are widely used, as they are seen to be the safest way to protect opals without stressing them.

How to Clean Opals?

Like most other gemstones, opal jewelry may be cleaned. Warm water, gentle dish soap, and a soft cloth are the best cleaning tools. Simple solutions work best.

Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid using stiffer brushes or toothbrushes for cleaning. These might be secure for other jewels or diamonds, but not for opals. Avoid using industrial cleansers and cleaners for diamond jewelry. Avoid using steam or ultrasonic cleaners. Don’t soak in water unless you’re having a lot of difficulties cleaning your jewelry. While we advise using this method for other stones, it can result in excessive water content in opals, which momentarily alters the stone’s appearance. If your opal has been submerged in water, let it dry naturally at room temperature; depending on how long it was submerged, it will return to normal in hours or days. Never dry opal jewelry with a hairdryer or at high heat. The stone will get drier as a result, which may cause cracking and crazing.

Questions and Answers

Why choose an opal engagement ring?

A distinctive yet exquisite alternative for couples looking for an unusual gemstone with a special style is an opal engagement ring.

Are opal rings cheaper than diamond?

Cost is one of main factors for opting engagement ring. Opal engagement rings typically cost far less than diamond ones.

How much does an Australian opal ring cost?

It’s difficult to accurately determine Australian opal’s worth. This is so because every gem has a variety of characteristics that make each one a totally unique stone. For a long time, there was no concrete method to sort opals. Australian Opal prices still fluctuate based on the elements that influence the stone’s quality. More: Australian Opal Rings: The Complete Guide


Are opals a suitable option for a vintage engagement ring then? Indeed, they are! We really believe that you should make an informed choice because it is such a very personal and emotional one. We believe you’ve made a great decision if you’ve read the aforementioned factors and are certain that an opal ring is the appropriate choice for you. We’ll be delighted to work with you to create the ideal opal ring. With a stunning opal ring, you’ll join the countless delighted couples who have proposed!

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