Peridot is the birthstone for August, but whether or not you were born in August, you can still wear one as an eye-catching and captivating engagement ring. Rich green peridot is alluring, it is a geologically extreme stone, and it is loaded with romantic and historical connotations. Following lists a few of the reasons why peridot rings are the best option.

What Is Peridot?

The mineral olivine has a variety called peridot that is of gemstone quality. Iron and magnesium are present, which add to the color’s alluring yellow-green tone. The yellow-green hues of peridot, the traditional birthstone of August and gift for the 16th wedding anniversary, are hard to top for a bright green gem.


The ferrous iron that is a component of its basic makeup gives peridot its color, making it ideochromatic. The ideal hue of peridot is a deep grass-green, but some of it is also yellowish green, greenish yellow, or brown. The best peridot hues often have an iron content of 10-15%.


Compared to red and blue gems, peridot is less light-sensitive. It typically appears attractive in all lighting.


Eye-clean clarity is the baseline because peridot is not a particularly pricey gemstone. Small platelet inclusions, which can give some stones a cloudy aspect, are a common flaw in Burmese gems. Peridot’s potent birefringence (0.036) also give gemstones a slightly sleepy look. This is particularly noticeable in huge stones (10 cts. plus).


Peridot can be cut and shaped in virtually any way; examples range from magnificent fantasy cutting to jumbled beads. Again, due to its affordability, cutters are able to place a greater emphasis on beauty than on weight retention. Therefore, it is anticipated by good cutting, proportions, and symmetry. Avoid natively cut gems that are out of proportion unless they are inexpensive enough to be recut.


Peridot is priced between $50 and $80 per carat for well-cut stones between one and two carats, and up to $400 to 450 carats for huge size stones in best color.

Sizes of Stone

Peridot is available in a variety of sizes, from melee to faceted stones weighing at least 10 carats. More than 300 carats in fine, faceted stones are well-known that they are extremely uncommon.


There are only a few locations worldwide where gem peridot has been discovered. The most significant Pyaung Gaung is found in Burma’s Mogok Stone Tract in huge proportions (10 cts. and above). From this deposit, faceted stones weighing hundreds of carats have been found. A fresh deposit from the Suppatt region of Pakistan was found in the 1990s, and this material is on par with that from Burma.

Although the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in the US provides high-quality material, stones larger than 10 carats are rarely cut there. Along with other countries, peridot is also mined in China, Brazil, Australia, and Norway. In recent decades, the historic Zabargad deposit has not produced at all.


Although peridot has never been synthesized, there are several imitations of it, including ones made of glass and natural stones like tourmaline. The most prevalent imitation glass is green, and its single refraction makes it simple to distinguish.

What Birthstones Are in August?

Once upon a time, selecting an engagement ring only takes diamond into account, due to a popular myth: a diamond is forever. Emerald cut, princess, or a solitaire diamond? White, pink, or yellow gold? Yes, personalizing a ring with names or dates, choosing a colored diamond, or just choosing a bespoke design will make it unique. But what if you discovered a gem that also matched your star sign? Your solution could be a birthstone engagement ring. These colored gemstones are elegant and meaningful options to think about, whether worn alone or with diamonds.

Every sign of the zodiac is said to have a correlating gem that bestows on its wearer a variety of physical and spiritual advantages. Whatever the origins of these ideas, the notion of embracing your heavenly stone is undoubtedly unconventional. Due to its popularity surge, jewelers now provide a large selection of contemporary engagement rings.

August joined June and December as one of the three birth months that are each represented by three different gemstones since 2016.

The primary gemstone for the month of August was originally sardonyx, but peridot has since taken its place. Spinel, which comes in a variety of colors, has been added, giving August newborns a wide choice of options!

Birthstone for August: Peridot

This precious stone can be discovered in meteorites, deep within the earth’s mantle, and in lava. It is believed that peridots reduce stress and boost energy and strength. It is thought to possess the power of inner brilliance, which sharpens the mind and expands it to new heights of understanding and development, assisting one in realizing one’s destiny and spiritual purpose. With princess cut peridots and diamonds framed together on a gold band, Elleroses’ engagement ring shines out.

Why Is Peridot The Birthstone For August?

People born between July 23 and August 23 are known as Leos, the fifth sign of the zodiac. Being ruled by the sun and having fire as its element, Leo is thought to be a very energetic sign. Since the sun also governs over peridot, it is commonly known that this gemstone is the most auspicious birthstone for Leo.

What Color Is the Birthstone for August?

Peridot is a rare stone that is only available in an olive green shade. Depending on how much iron is present in the crystal structure, the color of a single Peridot gem can range from yellow to olive to brownish-green. The intensity and hue of the green, however, relies on this percentage of iron.

Benefits Of Wearing Peridot Ring

Gorgeous And Elegant

Peridot is always green, although the color and intensity of the green vary according to the amount of iron in the stone. You can find a vintage peridot ring in your preferred earthy green, whether it be a dark forest green, an olive green, or a light yellow-green.

Ultra Gemstones

The majority of peridot comes from lava, while some, which is rarer, does come from meteorites. This makes a unique peridot engagement ring an intriguing option geologically. One of the rare stones, peridot, is found in the mantle of the planet rather than the crust. Peridots originate from a deeper part of the Earth than most gems because the crust is the topmost layer and the mantle is below it. The diamond is the only other gem to have originated in the Earth’s mantle. Peridot typically rises to the surface in response to an earthquake or volcanic eruption.

The Renowned Emeralds Of Cleopatra Were Probably Peridots

One of Egypt’s most valuable jewels was found in Cleopatra’s “emerald” mines. The ancient world was familiar with her jewelry collection. Cleopatra’s jewelry collection, which included her magnificent “emeralds,” was among the first things the Roman Empire seized when it ultimately conquered Egypt. This was due to both their monetary worth and their legendary reputation.

Her emeralds were probably peridots, though, according to accounts of the mines and other historical information. This will offer more historical glitz to your vintage peridot engagement ring. The stunning and enormous 200 carat stones on the Shrine of the Three Holy Kings in the German Cologne Cathedral were also mistaken for emeralds for many years. In fact,  these gorgeous stones are peridot.


Due to its connection to the Sun, peridot is symbolic of vitality and happiness. Peridot’s deep green hue is additionally enigmatic and calming. Perhaps as a result of its connection to the Sun, peridot is also said to offer defense against bad spirits, ghosts, and other monsters of the night.

Peridots are regarded as gifts from the goddess Pele in Hawaiian folklore. They are one of the few naturally occurring gemstones in Hawaii. Additionally, peridot exhibits twofold refraction. This implies that you see two lines rather than one when looking at a peridot facet. Because of this romantic symbolism of seeing two in one, a peridot engagement diamond is particularly significant.


Peridots are surprisingly cheap, even in bigger sizes, despite their allure and unique provenance. Peridot is thus both a sensible and romantic choice for an engagement ring. Additionally, peridot is a rather durable stone, allowing you to wear it every day. The color can be harmed by acid exposure, so wash your peridot engagement ring if it has been exposed to any acid, including lemon juice or wine, and avoid using acids for cleaning while wearing it.

Choosing The Best Peridot Ring

Peridot engagement rings are stunning, have a dramatic past, and fascinating lore. They are also surprisingly cheap. Go for the ideal peridot engagement ring right away! We’ve compiled the top Peridot engagement rings to buy when you’re searching for a special stone.

Peridot Engagement Rings Half Eternity Seven Stone Peridot Wedding Band in Metal 14K Yellow Gold

Halfway around the band, peridots set in a shared prong pattern cascade, dazzling the finger with their brilliance. A round peridot is set in this magnificent platinum wedding band to add a dash of emerald green hue.

Peridot Engagement Ring Gold Peridot Twist Rope Split Shank Halo Ring in Metal 14K Yellow Gold

The spherical peridot’s earthy green brightness, set in 14k yellow gold, is fascinating. The claw setting, rope decoration around the center stone, split shank, and peridot gemstone give this solitaire ring a distinctive and beautiful look.

Peridot and Diamond Engagement Rings Three Stone Round Peridot Ring in Metal 14K White Gold

This 14k white gold three-stone ring is sophisticated and elegant. Three round, prong-set chartreuse peridots are displayed on the band. Glistening diamonds on the shoulders elevate the elegance of this peridot ring to a new level.

Vintage Oval Peridot Ring Engagement Rings With Peridot and Diamonds in Metal 14K Yellow Gold

An oval peridot set in a four-prong setting serves as the centerpiece of this retro-inspired ring. The beautiful diamond-set leaf patterns on the shoulders highlight the chartreuse-green stone in the center. The oval peridot in this stunning 14k yellow gold ring adds a classy touch.

Peridot Diamond Engagement Rings Emerald-Cut Peridot Halo Ring in Metal 14K Rose Gold

This stunning 14k rose gold peridot diamond ring has a peridot in an emerald-cut shape set inside a halo of diamonds. Diamond accents flow down the ring’s shank to enhance its shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who may don a Peridot Stone?

Peridots are a stunning brilliant green gemstone that catches the eye. They are suitable for peridot earrings, pendants, and rings and are frequently used in place of emerald, making them ideal for everyone to wear and enjoy. They also make the ideal addition to anyone’s jewelry collection.

Which finger should be used to wear peridot ring?

The little finger, which some people also describe as the pinkie finger, responds best to peridot. Mercury’s mount is located immediately below the little finger. Peridot is also a great choice for the ring finger because it is frequently worn in place of emerald.

Is The August Birthstone A Mineral?

In mafic and ultramafic rocks, peridot is a common mineral that is frequently found in lava and in peridotite xenoliths of the mantle that lava brings to the surface. However, gem-quality peridot only occurs in a small percentage of these settings. Additionally, peridots can be discovered in meteorites.

Are Peridots Rare?

Larger peridot crystals typically keep their rich green hue longer than smaller ones. However, peridot stones are more expensive as they get bigger. In regions like Arizona and China, it’s simple to locate tiny peridot stones, but the larger sizes are more harder to acquire worldwide, which has an effect on the market as a whole.


For years, the fancy yellow-green peridot has been neglected as a lesser gem since it is small, accessible, and reasonably priced. It is also frequently mistakenly thought of as only the August birthstone. For ages, it has had ebbs and flows of popularity. But a recent renaissance is highlighting what Peridot admirers’ thought: that this stone is genuinely exceptional.

Peridot, one of only two gems (the other is the diamond) created in molten upper mantle rock and raised to the surface by the powerful forces of earthquakes and volcanoes, is born of fire and brought to light. The Gemological Institute of America refers to it as “the extreme gem.” While these peridots are created on Earth, other peridot crystals, found in the extremely uncommon pallasite meteorites (only 61 have been discovered to far), are extraterrestrial remains from the formation of our solar system. In addition to being identified in comet dust returned by the Stardust robotic space probe in 2006, peridot has also been found on the moon and has been spotted by an instrument on Mars by NASA’s Global Surveyor. Peridot was thought to have healing properties because it was brought to Earth by a sun explosion.

The largest assortment of fine peridot jewelry, including jewelry for men, is available on the Elleroses.

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