Women all across the world have wished for the ideal, glittering diamond engagement ring for the past century. Diamonds with excellent cuts and clarity were in high demand. Diamonds that were heavily incorporated were deemed unattractive and were discarded.

Then came the millennial generation, with its propensity to love and accept oneself despite any shortcomings. With it comes a whole lot of personality and a healthy respect for the world we live in.

It was then that couples began to seek out novel alternatives. Things that weren’t tarnished by stories of murder and mayhem. In their place, some started using colored stones like sapphires.

The salt and pepper diamond, however, suddenly sprung from the shadows like a cool rebel.

Salt and pepper diamonds, which have the same durability as their clear counterparts, are a preferred alternative for engagement rings. Couples were able to find diamonds that matched their individual love stories because of their unique appearances.

These alternative diamonds fit right in as more and more brides defy convention and embrace what matters to them.

What’s a Salt and Pepper Diamond?

Each salt and pepper diamond ring features a diamond with inclusions that look like grains of salt and pepper.

These diamonds have elaborate mineral inclusions that formed spontaneously. The size, shape, and hue of these imperfections varies widely. They can take several forms, including carbon spots, fissures, feathers, clouds, and chips. The black and white speckling in the diamond would be a unique pattern, making the ring really yours and nobody else’s even if you bought the exact same ready-to-ship salt and pepper diamond engagement ring as anybody else.

Diamonds with a “salt and pepper” appearance, have both black (pepper) and white (salt) inclusions. The presence of pepper inclusions will darken a diamond, whereas the presence of salt inclusions will cause it to appear cloudier and hazier.

These imperfections develop concurrently with the diamond itself. A diamond crystal is subjected to carbon, minerals, and even other diamonds over billions of years. Together, they leave behind indelible traces, or inclusions.

Salt and pepper diamonds are distinguished from more conventional stones by their more numerous and obvious inclusions.

The appearance of salt and pepper on a diamond is similar to that of a “wild” diamond. The colors can range from a stormy almost-black to a silken gray. Some are absolutely transparent while others include cool-looking inclusions in the form of black stars or other geometric patterns.

In contrast to other types of diamonds, no two salt and pepper diamonds are ever exactly the same.


These alternate diamonds look wild, uncomplicated, and enigmatic. Winter white, milky, silver, dark gray, or black with discernible speckles are all acceptable base colors. They are available in arbitrary white, black, and gray combinations.

The galaxy diamond is the rarest variety of salt and pepper diamond. When viewed carefully, they resemble a galaxy since they are predominantly dark with a few white specks poking through.


The majority of salt and pepper diamonds are shaped like roses. This style has a low profile and a flat back with faceting on top. This traditional style’s broad surface area accentuates the diamond’s brilliance.

To highlight the untamed character of these diamonds, many people favor a rougher cut. You can pick a ring that matches your aesthetic preferences.


Diamonds have culets, flat faces on the underside that increase the durability of the stone. Damage to the tip might cause the entire rock to split since a diamond’s cleavage plane is parallel to the octahedral sides. The culets of salt and pepper diamonds are often huge.

Unsalted Pepper Rings

Many of the diamonds we use have come from Kalimantan since we implemented our new policy in November of 2018. An administrative division of Indonesia located on Borneo.

All diamonds are extracted by hand by artisanal miners using less invasive techniques. A tiny pump may be used to assist in the panning process, although for the most part it is done manually.

Inclusions in these diamonds are slightly different from those seen in “salt and pepper” stones sold elsewhere. Pepper, usually black, and almost no salt. This denotes a preponderance of transparent diamonds including visible black inclusions.

As an excellent illustration of a salt and pepper diamond, the brilliant cut stone shown in our Borneo custom ring is primarily pepper and very little salt.

Why Choose A Salt And Pepper Engagement Ring?

Why have an engagement ring that looks just like everyone else’s when it’s supposed to represent your love in a unique way? If you’re looking for an alternative to the classic diamond engagement ring, a salt and pepper diamond is a great choice.

The rich symbolism associated with these diamonds is likely a major factor in their popularity. No diamond is flawless, just like your significant other. That imperfection is what makes your love all the more precious, and your salt and pepper diamond ring is a constant reminder of that.

The lower price tag of a salt and pepper diamond compared to a white diamond is a major selling feature. As a result, a salt and pepper diamond may help you get more bling for your buck. Keep your spending under control and save enough for that first home or that once-in-a-lifetime trip.

But what really matters is probably… similar to the unwanted stray dog at the shelter or the oddly bent zucchini at the farmer’s market. Similar in quality yet strangely unloved. Up until you arrived and realized the zucchini was ideal for your supper preparations. Different, but in a spectacular way that touched your heart deeply.

Review your Budget

If they are well rated for colorlessness as well, VVS or greater white diamonds are among the most expensive ones available. The quantity of inclusions in a diamond is indicated by this grading. Due to this, if you choose a VVS2 stone and have a $2,500 budget, you will most likely only be able to buy less than a half carat. This might be really disheartening if you want a larger stone because clarity is one of the most crucial characteristics that defines a diamond as “excellent.”

The salt and pepper diamond is now open. These stones frequently sell for cheaper than a diamond devoid of flaws because they are naturally incorporated. This means that, in some situations, your budget will allow you to spend the same amount of money on a much larger stone.

Consider Colour

The imperfections that cause the stones to reflect more black and white flecks within their structure are what distinguish salt and pepper diamonds from other types of diamonds. This does not imply that the stones’ apparent color range is constrained. Unless you specifically desire a warmer, champagne-colored diamond, you should still choose a more colorless diamond when buying a salt and pepper stone.

The size and type of inclusions are another factor to take into account. The inclusions in many salt and pepper diamonds are exceptionally sharp, giving them a very sparkling appearance. Other S&P diamonds end up having finer or more imperfections, giving the stone a moody and cloudy and grey appearance. It all depends on the type of sparkle you desire; neither is superior than the other.

A Structural Integrity

Like any gemstone, a stone may be brittle if it has an excessive number of flaws and inclusions. Salt and pepper diamonds are still rated a 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness when structurally sound, but if there are too many inclusions, they may become compromised.

We and the majority of fine jewelry and engagement ring companies would never recommend a customer a diamond that was weak or physically unsafe. To be certain that everyone has done their work, it’s always necessary to inquire about the fidelity and durability of a salt and pepper diamond.

Belief In Yourself

The millennial generation loves salt and pepper diamonds because they are so distinctive. Is your significant other as vibrant and dazzling as lightning? Choose a salt and pepper diamond that glows around its own mischievious shadows instead. Is your partner passionate, wistful, and moody? Choose a salt and pepper diamond that is more muted in order to reflect back to them their ethereal beauty.

White diamonds are no exception; no two are ever the same. They are all unique in their inclusions and traits. However, the “ideal” that white diamonds are so close to having is a uniform, wonderfully clear white color with unmatched sparkle. You probably couldn’t see the difference between two white diamonds of identical size placed side by side without a magnifying glass.

However, the distinctive characteristics of the inclusions in salt and pepper diamonds are so obvious that you may easily identify your own stone among 10 others. This element of customization in wedding jewelry is one that we adore. Nobody else in the world is like your mate or you two together. Is it not only appropriate that your unique engagement ring is distinctive as well?

Choosing A Salt & Pepper Diamond

Four criteria—carat weight, clarity, color, and cut—form the basis of the diamond industry’s grading system. Due to their one-of-a-kind characteristics, salt and pepper diamonds receive a different quality assessment from other types of stones.

Carat Size

Because of their affordability and widespread availability, salt and pepper diamond rings can be obtained in any carat weight. The price of a conventional diamond rises as its carat weight increases. Price increases for salt and pepper diamonds are far more modest.

We checked the costs of two rings with comparable diamond shapes. Having 0.91 carats, this diamond ring will set you back $4,850. This 1.1 carat salt and pepper diamond ring may be yours for for $2,940.44.

Buying a ring with a salt and pepper diamond allows you to spend significantly less on a larger ring.


The number of flaws, or inclusions, in a diamond is measured by its clarity. Greater transparency indicates a higher clarity grade for a diamond. A more transparent diamond will command a higher price than one with a less clear appearance.

Inclusions are inevitable with salt and pepper diamonds, making clarity less of a concern. There is a transparency scale for them. The greater the diamond’s translucency, the higher its value.

Exposure to other elements causes the formation of inclusions. The opacity of a salt and pepper diamond increases as more minerals are present in it. Hematite, graphite, and pyrite are just a few of the minerals that populate salt and pepper diamonds.


Diamonds with a salt and pepper appearance have varying amounts of black, white, and gray. They are typically a shade or two of gray. And their base hues, which can include black or white inclusions, are:

  • Icy white
  • Milky white
  • Cream
  • Light gray
  • Silver
  • Medium gray
  • Dark gray
  • Black

Smoky, mottled, and velvety smooth best describe these diamonds.


All conventionally cut diamonds are fashioned to maximize their brilliance. This is because the gemstone’s internal structure causes light to bend as it enters. Contrarily, light cannot easily bounce about inside of a salt and pepper diamond due to the presence of inclusions. Thus, they are sliced with a more flattened profile.

Common cuts are:

  • Rose-cut
  • Oval
  • Coffin
  • Hexagon
  • Round
  • Pear
  • Kite
  • Triangle

Raw diamonds are preferred by those who want to highlight the unconventional nature of this diamond. Bohemian-inspired jewelry is a perfect fit for these diamonds due to their simple cut. Most often, raw salt and pepper diamond rings are crafted by hand.

Are Salt and Pepper Diamonds Worth?

Salt and pepper diamonds have become increasingly popular recently. The unique diamond’s value will rise in tandem with the rising demand for it.

The price of a salt and pepper diamond depends on the market, rather than supply and demand, as opposed to colorless diamonds. Despite the abundance of supply, demand for such diamonds is not guaranteed.

Diamonds with a salt and pepper appearance are still valuable because of their diamond status. They are all precious gems, though some are more rare than others. Because they are not as rare, S&P diamonds can be purchased at a lower price than colorless diamond.

You won’t find two stones exactly alike, and they’re all tough. Natural flaws have an effect on the price. Costs will increase proportionally with the degree to which an item dazzles in appearance. People may be willing to pay a higher price for the rock if its flaws are diverse and intense.

The galaxy diamond is one of the rarest and most precious salt and pepper diamonds. However, the tiny white inclusions, which stand out against the black background, evoke images of stars. Because of its unique pattern, this diamond is more expensive than the average salt and pepper stone.

Pros And Cons & Shopping Tips

Here are several considerations before you buy, including some advantages and disadvantages.


The diamond trade has been tied to environmental injustice, violent conflict, and questionable business methods, thus this is a huge plus. Only 20% of all diamonds mined are cut and polished into jewelry. One carat of diamond requires the mining industry to sort through 200-250 tons of ore. Because of their greater availability and lower rarity compared to white diamonds, so-called “salt and pepper” diamonds are more environmentally friendly. A salt and pepper diamond can be found in nearly every color of white and black.

They may be shaped into a variety of appealing forms using any metal, and their distinctive appearance makes them extremely adaptable.

In terms of the Mohs scale, these diamonds score a perfect 10.

Because of their spotted appearance, salt and pepper diamonds are among the most budget-friendly options.


The minerals in a salt and pepper diamond reduce its durability compared to a carbon-only diamond. Therefore, the diamond is not as hardy as one made of carbon.

As a result of the diamond’s decreased strength and durability, a Halo or Bezel setting is recommended.

In terms of appearance, salt and pepper diamonds are anything but ordinary. They have a wild, smoky, speckled, and mysterious air about them. You might not like this style.

Shopping Tips

It’s important to buy a salt and pepper diamond from a trustworthy jeweler.

Find a strong stone if you can. Those with simpler designs and less frills tend to hold up better over time.

Do your research and check out the competition in terms of pricing, quality of service, and ethically sourced mining. Although cheaper than regular diamonds, it is still an investment.

Recommendation of Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

We have a wide selection of salt and pepper diamond rings in a number of different forms, cuts, and settings to meet your needs. A personalized salt and pepper diamond ring is the best way to guarantee that you will have a one-of-a-kind accessory that is made just how you envisioned it.

14K Rose Gold Pear-Cut Shape Salt and Pepper Diamond Rings Diamond Bridal Set

A full-cut, pear-shaped salt and pepper diamond that may be worn with an open diamond wedding band makes for a charming vintage-inspired design.

14K Rose Gold Geometric Salt And Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring Set

A kite salt and pepper diamond engagement ring with a natural diamond that ranges in tones from champagne to brown, but it also comes in different shades of grey.

14K Yellow Gold Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Rings

The band is encrusted with art deco white diamonds that provide a striking contrast to the tiny Salt and Pepper rose cut diamond in the ring’s core. To be expected are some light and dark variations in the diamonds, as each natural rose cut diamond has its own unique birthmark.

14k Rose Gold Round Salt and Pepper Diamond Wedding Ring

A half halo of lesser brilliant white diamonds holds the round Salt and Pepper Diamond softly in place, while additional white diamonds frame the band on either side.

14k Rose Gold Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring Oval and Round Diamond Halo Ring

A large oval Salt and Pepper Diamond sits at the heart of this breathtaking ring, which is further surrounded by a halo of smaller, glittering white diamonds and a band of white diamonds on either side. The band is composed of 14k Rose Gold and has a high gloss.

How to Take Care of a Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring?

Although classic diamonds will exhibit more wear and tear than salt-and-pepper diamonds, regular cleanings are still necessary. Clean the ring once a month even though the stone won’t lose its sheen as quickly as other stones. In doing so, you’ll be able to clean the ring and the band of any residue that has accumulated on them. Additionally, it’s crucial to keep in mind to remove the ring before shower and washing hands. Although the water won’t damage the ring, it will eventually cause the band to tarnish and lose some of its brightness.

How To Wear a Salt And Pepper Diamond Rings

You can wear a salt and pepper ring in a variety of ways. Even while these rings are quite popular as engagement rings, many of our clients also choose to wear them as “casual” everyday rings.

Diamonds with a salt and pepper finish have a distinctive appearance and personality that make them adaptable to any event. They can be placed in a straightforward stacking band or combined with other diamonds or gemstones to make a distinctive and elegant engagement ring.

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