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Rose Gold Moissanite Ring: What You Should Know

Rose Gold Moissanite Ring What You Should Know

There are other possibilities that can make an engagement ring just as attractive, even if the center stone is frequently a diamond. Moissanite is a different clear gemstone with exceptional durability. Therefore, rose gold moissanite ring has gain popularity for couples’ engagement due to their beauty, affordability, and sustainability these days. With that in mind, let’s compare diamond and moissanite in terms of color, hardness, brilliance, and cost.

Moissanite vs Diamond

Moissanite vs Diamond


Mined diamonds can be any color, from icy-white transparent to shades of yellow or gray. No two mined diamonds will be identical, just as snowflakes. The range of color variation in mined gemstones is caused by the conditions in which the gemstone naturally grows. A diamond’s value and appeal to customers increases with how transparent or white it appears.

On the other hand, moissanite is not a gem that is found naturally on Earth; instead, it comes from space meteorites. Due to the difficulty of obtaining Moissanite in its native form in nature, all Moissanite stones are manufactured in laboratories. Because new Moissanites are produced in laboratories, the conditions in which the gemstone develops may be managed and regulated for the most reliable and effective production results.

Moissanite on the market today is colorless. The color spectrum of moissanites spans the D-I range, or the two top levels of the color scale. The greatest quality Moissanites and Moissanite engagement rings can be found on our website Elleroses. They are promised to be at least VS2 clear and DEF in color.


A gem’s brilliance, or capacity to refract white light, is an indicator of its level of “sparkle and fire.” Refraction of the gemstone is necessary for brilliance. Moissanite will appear more bright since it disperses light very efficiently and has a stronger light refraction than diamond. Additionally, because of its crystalline structure, Moissanite is less likely than a diamond to attract oil or grime over time, which could help preserve the “sparkle” longer between cleanings.


A material is the tougher,  it is more difficult to scratch or chip. While no gemstone is unbreakable, some are significantly more durable and wear-resistant for daily use. Moissanite has a Mohs hardness rating of 9.5, which is higher than any other gemstone used in jewelry except diamond. The hardest mineral known is a diamond, which rates a 10. For comparison, emeralds have a Mohs score of 7, whereas rubies, sapphires, and other gemstones have a grade of 9.


Overall, Moissanite is far less expensive than a Diamond. Since diamond engagement rings are still fairly common in the US, supply and demand is mostly to blame. While the price of a diamond varies according to its cut, clarity, carat, and other unique qualities like setting. The price of a moissanite stone is consistent across the board and varies just slightly based on its shape and size.

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Benefits to Moissanite Rings

Benefits to Moissanite Rings

When comparing the difference between diamonds and moissanite, you may not realize several benefits of moissanite:


The main advantage of moissanite over other naturally mined gems is that since it was produced in a lab, you may wear it with confidence that it is ethically sourced.


Because of the exacting conditions in which lab-grown moissanite jewelry is created, a gemstone that isn’t flawlessly clear or has any kind of noticeable inclusions or flaws won’t be offered for sale.

High Refractive Index

The brilliance of each gem is clearly different when comparing moissanite and diamond side by side. This jewel’s High Refractive Index enables it to provide outstanding fire that is unsurpassed by a typical diamond.

Timeless Appearance

Some people may choose cubic zirconia as an alternative to a diamond. However, moissanite doesn’t become cloudy over time like cubic zirconia does. In fact, a moissanite jewel will keep its appearance cleaner than a diamond. A diamond will lose its shine more quickly than moissanite when exposed to dirt and grease.

Moissanite will be passed down for Generations

Moissanite has exceptional hardness ratings, making it a beautiful but robust jewel. A moissanite ring can be passed down through your family for many years if it is treated properly.

Is Moissanite As Valuable As a Diamond?

Is Moissanite As Valuable As a Diamond

Moissanite is not a subset of any other gemstone. This means that Moissanite has a different chemical composition and hardness from Diamond, and that it also has a distinct kind of brilliance. While Diamond ranks 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, Moissanite comes in at 9.25, and is composed of carbon silicate (whereas Diamond is pure carbon). What this means for you is that your Moissanite will be more durable against grease and grime than a diamond.

Because it is a synthetic gem, Moissanite may be made into almost any design. The size and shape of naturally occurring diamonds are constrained by geological processes. Thus, there is a great deal of options in picking a Moissanite as the centerpiece of an engagement ring. Moissanite is also extremely eco-friendly because it does not require any mining to produce.

Are There Different Grades For Moissanite Engagement Rings?

Yes. In its most basic form, Moissanite can be one of three different quality levels. When Moissanite initially appeared, the most modern manufacturing techniques could only produce stones with a bluish-green hue. This is the “traditional” Moissanite that is still available (beware!). Due to consumer demand, gemstone experts insist on finding suitable diamond substitutes. Moissanite, which is virtually colorless, can now be purchased from Elleroses. Colorless Moissanite resembles an E-color diamond, whereas near-colorless Moissanite resembles an H-color diamond. Moissanite engagement rings with these newer stones are beautiful.

Pros and Cons Of Rose Gold Moissanite Band

Pros and Cons Of Rose Gold Moissanite Band

While rose gold is an elegant and romantic choice for an engagement ring, it’s not for every couple. To guarantee that this most special piece of jewelry lasts as long as their love does, couples may make the wisest decision by learning more about the benefits and drawbacks of rose gold Moissanite engagement rings.

What Is Rose Gold?

Pure gold is a highly soft metal that is prone to damage and warping. As a result, to reinforce the gold, gold jewelry is sometimes an alloy—a mixture of gold and another metal. Rose gold, which has a characteristic pink or reddish tint, is produced when gold is combined with copper or a combination of copper and silver. The precise shade will depend on the overall alloy percentages; a higher copper content will result in a darker, more pronounced crimson tone. Pink gold is a term that may be used to describe relatively light shades of gold, whereas red gold may be used to describe darker tones.



Despite the fact that many new rose gold rings are being produced, they nevertheless have a charming, vintage appearance. However, rose gold or pink gold has been popular for many years, and there are gorgeous vintage rose gold bands that are also wonderful options for brand-new moissanite engagement ring promises.


The mixture of gold and copper that is used to make rose gold strengthens the ring and increases its resistance to nicks and scratches because copper is one of the toughest metals. This is crucial for a moissanite engagement ring because rose gold can tolerate daily use and be worn almost constantly.


Finding rose gold moissanite engagement ring designs, matching wedding bands, and other jewelry items is now simpler than ever thanks to the rising popularity of rose gold jewelry. Couples now have a wide range of selections for the ideal engagement ring that they can personalize. Rose gold has become trendy in Hollywood, and some of the most well-known stars, such as Blake Lively, Teresa Palmer, Anna Camp, and Alison Brie, have adorned their fingers with the metal. The top ladies who like this exquisite metal include any bride who selects rose gold.


In addition to complementing practically all skin tones, the warm hues of rose gold also go well with other jewelry made of both yellow and white gold. This enables almost any upcoming bride who appreciates the appearance of rose gold to select one of these rings that best suits their tastes and sense of style.


A rose gold moissanite engagement ring would be ideal with its pink colour, which is intimately associated with passion. A rose gold setting has even symbolism as a representation of a couple’s commitment to one another because the word “rose” itself is associated with the most romantic of flowers.


While many factors affect the cost of an engagement ring, rose gold is frequently less expensive because copper is a less expensive metal, lowering the cost of the ring’s total composition. But even though it might not have much of an impact, this is something that couples on a tight budget might want to think about. The same method to measure yellow gold also apply to rose gold.


Rose gold’s delicately enhancing light pink hue may subtly bring out the best in pink diamonds and moissanites, among other stones. A colored engagement ring can be even more stunning and unique when the color matches other gemstone engagement rings.



As rose gold gains in acceptance, it will become less distinctive and more commom. This may make rose gold less appealing to a bride-to-be who wants an engagement ring that is genuinely unique.


A bride-to-be with pronounced pink skin, especially on her hands and fingers, might not go for a rose gold option, although it is eye-catching.


Even though it’s uncommon, some people have copper allergies, and wearing a rose gold engagement ring could make them sick. Avoid wearing rose band if your significant one has allergic reaction to copper.


Repairing or resizing an engagement ring made of rose gold can be difficult in the future since the rosy hue is achieved by a specific metal combination.


Over time, copper will oxidize and become slightly darker and redder. This takes a long time, but it’s not ideal if the bride and groom want a specific shade of rose gold for the ring.

Our Best Selling Rose Gold Moissanite Rings

Our Best Selling Rose Gold Moissanite Rings

Whether or not you opt with a rose gold moissanite ring for your engagement is a matter of preference. The metal’s many remarkable properties make it appealing for a budget-conscious couple and anyone interested in a ring with distinctive traits. Rose gold is beautiful and has deep symbolic meaning, making it an ideal choice for a couple’s engagement ring if they vow to be together for the rest of their lives.

Rose Gold Moissanite Engagement Rings Infinity Twist Engagement Ring in 10K Gold

This gorgeous Moissanite engagement ring features a 1 carat round Moissanite as the center stone, two 3.5mm/0.2 carat side stones, and 0.26 carats of VS/D round brilliant Forever One Moissanite on its split shank.

Rose Gold Moissanite Ring Solitaire Engagement Rings for Women in 10K Solid Gold

This 10K rose gold engagement ring features a moissanite in a round brilliant cut. Take a look at the exquisite embellishments. Four elaborate prongs hold this one-of-a-kind dazzling gemstone in place while allowing the stone’s magnificence to shine through. The ring’s flat edges make it simple to match it with wedding bands.

Rose Gold Moissanite Engagement Ring 1.5 Carat Oval Cut Moissanite Thin Band Engagement Ring

This handcrafted engagement ring, a timeless classic, has a 1.5 carat oval-cut moissanite stone set in the center of a plain, high-polished band made entirely of 14K rose gold. Designed for the contemporary woman who respects creativity and individuality.

Moissanite Rose Gold Ring Moissanite Halo Ring in Solid 14K Gold

This extravagant engagement ring, which is made to order, will help you create an unforgettable moment. It features a diamond-studded halo and shank that are skillfully framed in flawless 14k rose gold. While you add color, accent stones that flow down the ring provide an additional bit of glitter.

Rose Gold Moissanite Rings Halo Oval Engagement Ring in 14K Gold

The 1.50 CTW oval moissanite at the heart of this halo engagement ring is encircled by smaller, more glittering round stones, forming a band that exudes glitz and light to represent your love. More decorations are added to the shoulders to add a brilliant finishing touch.


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