Dainty promise rings are a lovely way to convey a promise or commitment to a loved one, regardless of the sentiment behind them. If you can’t currently buy your partner’s dream diamond promise rings, opal promise rings and gold promise rings for her, or if you’re just looking for a special piece of jewelry to give to your long-distance sweetheart, simple promise rings are properly a great choice.

Simple promise rings

Few gifts are as heartfelt or as dense with meaning as the giving and receiving of promise rings. Many couples have used promise rings to declare their love for one another and their loyalty to each other before get engaged. Today’s couples frequently live together, raise children, and raise pets before deciding to tie the knot. While such a deep commitment says a lot about the love a couple shares, there’s no denying that there’s something special about gifting a loved one with a ring to express your feelings. It were born at the right moment.

Any jewelry that is spare in design and execution is considered simple because it makes a stronger statement with less. A minimalistic approach to jewelry creation. Simple promise ring is meant to complement the wearer’s style rather than draw attention to itself. It’s easy to pair with a wide variety of garments, whether you’re going for a minimal, subtle look or a bold, eye-catching one. Minimalism can be seen in the architecture and interior design of the Art Deco, Retro, and Mid-Century periods, just to name a few. One of the most typical examples of minimalist jewelry is the solitaire diamond simple promise ring.

Promise rings near me

Promise rings are not the same as wedding bands, yet they nevertheless have significant meaning. A promise ring should be given after a couple has dated for a long amount of time, preferably a year or more. Obviously, then, you shouldn’t give or wear a ring until you’re ready to take the relationship to the next level.

The rising popularity of promise rings near me is reflective of the trend toward later-in-life cohabitation and marriage. Although they may not be ready (or even want) to get married just yet, a ring shows that their relationship is more serious than just dating or living together.

How much are promise rings in store?

When compared to more elaborate rings, those with a simpler design and fewer accent stones can be a more cost-effective option. The cost of a basic ring depends on the ring’s style, the metal it is made of, and the carat weight and quality of the stone it features.

Unique promise rings

Although there are numerous designs of rings, the main theme of ring is still a “pre-engagement” band given to one another by a couple who are in an exclusive romantic relationship but are not yet ready or able to start planning a wedding. A ring can also stand for any number of different things.

Elegant simple promise rings

With the same physical, chemical, and visual qualities as real diamonds, laboratory-created diamonds offer magnificent material for elegant simple promise rings. They are just as sophisticated and glistening, but you won’t have to worry about spending a fortune on them. A lab-grown diamond elegant promise ring might not be your first choice, but they do have their advantages.

Beautiful promise rings

Beautiful promise rings are an important part of many couple’s lives because they symbolize love, commitment, loyalty, and dedication. A wedding ring is a public declaration of love between a man and a woman. When you’re not ready to take the next step toward marriage but still want to show your significant other that you care, a beautiful promise ring is the perfect compromise.

Nice promise rings

In light of the abundance of stunning nice promise rings available, you’d better take style, cost and center stone into consideration.

Vintage promise ring

The vintage promise ring symbolizes more than just band style; it’s a commitment to take care of your mate.

Cool promise rings

Those who have vowed to improve themselves by changing from the inside out deserve cool promise rings because their ideas are pretty cool.

How much are promise rings

While there are no hard and fast laws on how much you should spend on a promise ring, it is usually to spend substantially less than you would on an engagement ring. Promise rings can be purchased for between $199 and $599 at Kay Jewelers or between $20 and $500 at Elleroses. Keep in mind that many persons purchasing promise rings are younger and do not have the financial resources to spend much on diamond ring.

Promise rings, like other types of jewelry, can be very cheap or quite costly. Gold or sterling silver bands without diamonds or other precious stones can be purchased for a few hundred dollars, whereas rings set with such stones can cost thousands.

Promise rings for sale

Start your hunt for a meaningful piece of jewelry for your loved one at a local jewelry store. Yet, if you’re looking for promise rings for sale or just want to shop around, these websites are among the greatest options available, such as Zales, Etsy and Elleroses.

Expensive promise rings

In order to avoid being confused with more conventional rings, such as engagement and wedding bands, promise rings are typically less elaborate and less expensive. That’s why traditional engagement rings and wedding bands aren’t great choices for promise rings. Otherwise, expensive promise rings are more like a sweet burden.

Simple promise rings cheap

While its often look like thin rings without gemstones or diamonds, that doesn’t mean they’re cheap.

Real promise rings

Couples who are deeply in love with one another but aren’t ready to be engaged or married often exchange real promise rings as a symbol of their devotion to one another.

Although promise rings weren’t commonly worn until the 20th century, its origins can be traced back to as early as 1576.

Since then, they’ve risen to prominence as a symbol of commitment to the partner giving one. Giving each other real promise rings is a means for a couple to publicly declare their desire to eventually become engaged and married to one another.

Simple promise rings for her

Rings serve as visible symbols of a couple’s loyalty to one another and as reminders of the commitments they have made to one another. It can show your girl that promises are more than words and can be easily forgotten, and you can buy simple promise rings for her.

Simple promise rings for couples

When just one partner in a couple exchanges engagement rings, it’s common for both partners to wear promise rings.

Simple promise rings for couples look different than engagement rings and wedding bands.

While there are definite expectations for the design of an engagement ring or wedding band—diamond-set engagement rings and understated wedding bands, respectively—no such standards exist for a promise ring.

They can be made out of any material, decorated with any pattern, and set with any number or type of stones. Neither party is required to purchase an identical ring for the other; instead, each person buys a ring that speaks to his or her own sense of style and taste.

Promise engagement rings

If you and your spouse feel it’s the appropriate choice, a promise ring can double as an engagement ring since both bands represent love, loyalty, and eternal devotion.

Small promise rings

When it comes choosing jewelry, it’s worth keeping in mind that some rings have special meanings and may only be worn on certain fingers or hands. We know that engagement rings and wedding bands go on the left ring finger. Then, how about promise rings?

If you’re in a committed relationship, you may be wondering which hand and finger are appropriate for wearing a promise ring. Which finger to wear a promise ring is entirely dependent on the nature of their preference.

The promise ring is worn on the left hand’s ring finger just like an engagement ring since it is a symbol of the future commitment that the two people involved hope to share. That being said, you are by no means obligated to stick to this guideline.

Wearing a promise ring on the pinky is another popular choice. It could have special significance to you on the pinky, much like the vow you made with a childhood pal. If you like this style, you need look for some small promise ring for you pinky finger.

Minimalist promise rings

Minimalist promise ring, in its most basic definition, is jewelry that is small, simple, and delicate enough to be worn every day without drawing too much attention to itself.

Cute simple promise rings

Those with a very minimal and clean aesthetic, as well as those who prefer to accessorize with large, flashy patterns, can all benefit from wearing cute simple promise rings.

Simple pretty promise rings

The beauty of simple pretty promise rings is that it will never make an ensemble look cluttered. This will be enough to make the composition more interesting.

Diamond promise rings

There is no universal ring style for rings. Both the wearer and the promise will influence the ring’s design. In spite of this, most promise rings share a few standard design elements.

In most cases, silver or gold are the go-to materials for promise rings. Moreover, they might be embellished with jewels or other meaningful symbols. Although diamonds are by far the most popular option, promise rings can also be made with other precious stones such as sapphires and rubies.

Diamond rings are elegant and will never go out of style, making them the perfect choice for a ring. Many diamond promise rings are made up of a smattering of smaller diamonds that form a floral or starburst design.

As promise rings and similar pair rings typically have lesser diamonds than engagement rings, they are more reasonably priced.

Since there are no rules and standards for rings, diamonds come in a wider variety of shapes than engagement ring. The form of the diamond is widely acknowledged as a crucial component of any ring due to the diamond’s widespread popularity in recent years.

This craze is due to the price drop, the diamond’s durability, and the ring’s aesthetic appeal. Given that some diamond shapes are more vulnerable to damage than others, it’s up to the woman to do her homework and figure out which one is most suited to her lifestyle. Furthermore, the style of a diamond might vary depending on its shape. Some are very contemporary, but others have a more traditional air to them. Because the diamond’s form can affect the whole feeling of the ring, it’s crucial to keep these feelings in mind when shopping for one. Because it will be on your finger for a long time to come, it’s important to choose a diamond promise ring shape that you truly love. Something timeless and adaptable will also go with just about everything in your jewelry and wardrobe collections. Don’t make a choice based on what’s popular at the moment.

Here are five popular diamond shapes for promise ring:

Princess- cut promise rings

The top diamond on our list is the princess cut except round, which is especially appealing to those who are partial to right angles. You may give your princess cut diamond promise ring a modern look in a square or compass point form setting; we recommend using box claws to accentuate the square’s 90-degree angle. In Elleroses, the Princess cut is still a staple.

Oval promise rings

The oval shape is another option among the softer options; it is somewhat longer than the round and has the same shimmer, making it a fantastic option for elongating the finger. It is common practice to cut ovals from shallower diamonds in order to maximize the usable surface area of the raw stone, but there is nothing rough about this beautiful cut. East-West oval promise rings, in which the oval faces perpendicular to the finger, are more fashionable since they highlight a distinctive personal style.

Emerald-cut promise ring

When it comes to diamond cutting, the Emerald cut is among the most classic options. It is encouraged to strive for better colors and clarities; there is no hiding in an emerald cut, but that only adds to its grace and beauty. We call this kind of cutting “step cut,” and the result is more like a hall of mirrors than the whole internal reflection of a circle. An emerald cut promise ring, in any setting, will remain a timeless symbol of your everlasting love and commitment.

Teardrop promise ring

The pear-shaped, also called teardrop diamond rose in popularity in 2016, and it continues to shine whether it’s the focal point of a solitaire or surrounded by pave. The pear is a graceful design that adds a touch of nostalgic glamour to your teardrop promise ring; when combined with millgraining, it is cutting-edge retro chic at its finest.

Square promise rings

The Asscher cut follows, which is essentially a square version of the emerald cut. Because of its odd cut, which features a narrower table and cropped corners, square promise rings stand out in our workshop. Their reflections are both beautiful and captivating.

The Radiant, the other square shape, is a cross between an emerald and a brilliant in terms of its cutting style, thus it has a beautiful balance of sharp angles and dazzling clarity. We don’t commonly offer this uncommon square promise ring, and when we do, it’s usually a gorgeous yellow because the cut really highlights the color.

Real diamond promise rings

Natural diamonds are a safe investment since they maintain their value over time. Like any other investment, the value of a real diamond promise ring can rise or fall depending on a variety of factors, including the year it was purchased, the urgency with which it must be sold, and the rarity of the diamond it is set in.

Women’s diamond promise rings

Women’s diamond rings come in a variety of designs, including solitaires, twisted rings with accent diamonds, and milgrain-detailed rings. Choose the item based on what your loved one prefers and the one that looks well in their palm.

Small diamond promise ring

A small diamond promise ring may not be delivered with as much pomp and circumstance as an engagement ring, but it should still be given at a special time that honors the pledge. It is common practice to deliver a promise ring during a symbolic ceremony on a holiday or other important event.

Diamond promise rings for couples

It is important to put a lot of consideration into buying diamond promise rings for couples, no matter what kind of design you choose or where you get it. Couples who make a commitment should think carefully about what they are committing to, and a commitment can only be kept if both parties know what it means and how to achieve it.

Gold promise rings

As opposed to an engagement ring, a promise ring has certain unique characteristics. An engagement ring is a public declaration of commitment to sticking by one another through good times and bad. Likewise, if you want to show your significant other that you’re committed to working on your relationship, you might give them a ring. Gold, platinum, palladium, silver, white gold, and yellow gold are just some of the metal options for promise rings.

Wearing a ring, particularly gold promise ring, is once again becoming popular. It is a way for people to make a long-term commitment to one another without legally getting married.

It’s up to you to decide how your gold promise ring will look. A ring, like any other piece of jewelry, should complement the wearer’s character and taste.

Gold promise rings for her

If you want to take your dating relationship to the next level, you can do it by giving your date a gold promise ring for her. The tradition of using rings as promises dates back to antiquity. Wedding bands have been worn by brides since Roman times. The ring was also utilized by some ancient cultures as a symbol of an eternal vow to one another.

Gold is, well, the gold standard when it comes to ring metal options. Have a look at the variety of gold promise rings available and make note of any kind of gold promise rings that really strike out to you.

Here are several styles of gold promise rings for her to choose from:

Simple gold promise rings

Although less dazzling, simple gold promise rings appear elegant. They come in a variety of styles, from simple solitaire rings to rings with details like milgrain. Prior to choosing a choice, make sure to take your partner’s preferences into account.

Rose gold promise rings

Metals are not without flaws, yet they each have unique benefits and capabilities. Rose gold rings, however, are becoming increasingly popular because of their stylish pink hue and golden sheen. The metal itself has a charming and elegant appearance, and when combined with the excellent ornamentation and motifs, it will blow your significant other away.

Promise rings made of rose gold are also more long-lasting than those made of white gold. It’s worth noting that these alternatives are also quite reasonably priced, making them ideal for those on a tighter financial budget. Longevity is not an issue because rose gold doesn’t need rhodium plating. Rose gold promise rings are popular with those who like classic, timeless styles.

White gold promise rings

White gold is the go-to metal for modern, stylish rings. Elegant and exquisite, this metal font certainly stands out. Last but not least, it’s a wonderful match for any style you might choose.

Because of its attractive appearance and resistance to rust and corrosion, white gold promise ring is a piece of popular jewelry choice. They are easier to work with than platinum and may be shaped into elaborate patterns. You can find lovely pieces and delicate selections that aren’t always easy to come by in platinum or yellow gold promise rings.

Yellow gold promise rings

While all promise bands are meaningful, the yellow gold rings really stand out. You’ll get a lot of compliments on your excellent taste because of the metal’s eye-catching and beautiful luster.

A diamond set in yellow gold is a versatile accessory that complements many different outfits. These bands work nicely with a wide variety of clothing, from business outfit to weekend wear. Gold rings, more crucially, are resistant to rust and corrosion. These promise rings are made to endure a lifetime, and their beauty will only grow with the passage of time. In the same way that a yellow gold ring is an excellent investment, its value will only rise over time.

14k gold promise rings

The term “karat” refers to the purity of gold, as opposed to the term “carat with a C,” which refers to the weight of diamonds. Basically, 24 carat gold is the best of the excellent. But, it’s rather soft and not ideal for something you’ll wear every day. In order to help harden it and make it more suited for rings, it is blended with other metals, a process known as alloying. Both wearable and hold diamonds more firmly. The two most popular options on the market are 18k and 14k, and those are the ones we’d advise.

These rings are made of 14-karat gold and have intricate designs and a light weight. There is a stunning diamond set in the very middle of the band, with two additional diamonds on either side. This style is a common design by the Elleroses 14k gold promise ring. Its aesthetic appeal stems from its enticing twisted and swirl-like appearance.

Real gold promise rings

Real gold promise rings are available in a wide variety of styles, each featuring a unique arrangement of stones. You’ll find some of the most beautiful and sophisticated designs available today, all of which will look absolutely lovely in the hands of your loved ones.

Gold plated promise rings

Gold plated promise ring usually only lasts for around two years. Beyond that point, the gold plating will begin to flake and wear away from the jewelry. How long your jewelry lasts depends on how well you take care of it. As gold plating begins to wear off on your ring, you can get it re-plated at a jeweler’s shop.

Gold band promise ring

It’s fine to gift a gold band promise ring that doesn’t have any kind of stone set in it. In fact, many engagement rings, promise rings, and couple rings don’t even have stones. Instead, they may have a special message or design etched inside.

Gold band promise ring could be the perfect option if you and your partner desire something understated.

Sterling silver promise ring

Sterling silver promise ring is undoubtedly a cost-effective way to get a style that fits you (or is incredibly large and gorgeous) without going broke, but it won’t help you achieve your romantic dreams. Silver requires a lot of maintenance, offers little security, and almost certainly results in allergic responses and green fingers. A bad decision in life, honey. Go for platinum or gold promise rings.

Opal promise rings

It’s easy to find gemstones and patterns with romantic connotations, making them ideal for use in rings.

Given their symbolic and commercial significance in engagement rings, diamonds are rarely included in rings. A cut diamond is a beautiful accent to any promise ring, but this is a question of taste.

Alternative gemstones are increasingly popular in rings. Gemstones with well-known associations with romantic love, such as moonstone, rose quartz, and opal, are ideal for rings. If you want to browse for yourself, we have listed some benefits about opal promise rings.

Opal promise rings are a wonderful way to show your Halloween sweetheart how well you love her. Opals are beautiful, significant, and most importantly, the October birthstone. Trust us; she’ll adore it.

1. Play-Of-Color
The first thing that typically springs to mind when we mention opals is their remarkable play of color. That’s right! This illusion, which is sometimes described as a vibrant swirl of hues, never fails to captivate viewers and arouse enthusiasm.

As a result, the opal promise ring need to be your first stop if you’re looking for a distinctive jewel that’s undoubtedly a delight for the eyes. Your girl’s heart will melt at first sight, we guarantee it!

2. Symbolism
We usually advise choosing a gemstone that complements the meaning of the band when it comes to promise rings. Opal, that’s why!

This stunning opal promise ring, which stands for dedication and love, greatly contributes to the accessory’s meaning and elevates its legendary vibe.

What's In The Name: A Promise Ring

Promise rings are offered as a mark of a promise or commitment, as their name suggests. However, we’ve also had clients come in seeking for a promise ring to reflect a close friendship or to represent a pledge to themselves. Usually, this is offered between couples as a testament to their love. They’re a dainty, unique, and meaningful piece of jewelry that, like engagement rings, is a statement of the wearer.

What Do Promise Rings Represent and What Do They Mean?

A promise ring is a unique symbol of the devotion and love shared by two people. It is customarily given to signify a committed relationship that the giver and receiver hope will go to marriage. It’s possible that a couple simply isn’t ready to get married, feels too young, or isn’t able to purchase an engagement ring. They might also be expressing their devotion to one another since they recently moved in together or because they need to be apart for work.

For example, Millie Bobby Brown was spotted out on a date with Jake Bongiovi, the son of Jon Bon Jovi, in Little Italy, New York City. The two had been dating for a year.

A previously unseen gold band on the star’s wedding finger was sparkling. Considering that Jake is 20 years old and the Stranger Things actress is only 18, the ring may be more of a dainty promise ring.

While an engagement ring and a promise ring have many distinctions, for some people, each band represents a different stage in their relationship and has a comparable meaning.

We like to define a ring as a piece of jewelry that stands for love, friendship, or dedication to another one. Because of this, a lot of couples take great care when choosing a ring, or bands, to adorn their hands and represent their union. We have put up a guide with advice that will assist you in finding a perfect dainty promise ring.

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What Does a Promise Ring Look Like?

What Does it Look Like

Promise bands typically have a smaller diamond or gemstone than engagement rings and are smaller overall. They frequently cost less because of their more understated appearance. However, promise rings can be just as lovely and distinctive as engagement rings and don’t need to look different from one another.

Promise rings can be manufactured in a variety of materials and with a variety of stones because they are a highly personal item. Cluster rings and gemstones with the baguette, round, and princess cut are popular options. Most individuals would choose a classic bezel setting for their ring since it protects the stone and gives it a sleek, dainty and contemporary look.

There aren’t really any restrictions when it comes to rings, so we advise you to simply choose the one that you enjoy the most.

Dainty Promise Rings

Dainty gift

Dainty promise rings are known for delicate or small form, elegance, or grace. Unquestionably, delicate or dainty jewelry is among the most widely worn types of jewelry. Dainty ring is useful when wearers want to make a statement without going overboard. Chunky, flashy accessories are absolutely fun, but frequently wearers want to do so subtly. Additionally, delicate promise ring gives the wearer an instantly fearless, refined appearance.

On the other side, delicate promise ring matches every style of clothing and every event. Even the most ornate clothes won’t conflict with delicate jewelry, and it never fails to make a statement. Naturally, every dainty piece of jewelry will express who you are and how you want to be perceived in the world. Hand, neck, and ear jewelry in gold, silver, rose gold, or a metal alloy are examples of delicate jewelry.

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Layering Dainty Promise Rings

Layering Dainty gift

With so much variety in Dainty Promise Rings, it can be hard to decide how best to accessorize your look with them. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle and timeless style, a dramatic statement, or something in between, let your creative side shine and make your look unique with your Dainty Promise Rings. Mix and match metals, colors, and styles to find the perfect combination that reflects your own individual style and personality.

Wear on Multiple Fingers

You can wear as many delicate promise rings as you like without them looking clunky because they are smaller.

Wearing several rings on multiple fingers is a simple way to dress up. Put one ring on each of your middle and ring fingers after stacking a few on your index finger. Voila! Very simple and adorable.

Don’t be scared to deck out both hands in jewelry. Just alternate the rings on each hand. Sometimes having a slight unbalance can enhance your appearance.

Endless Ways to Layer Dainty Jewelry

As you can see, there is no wrong way, but it helps to complement an delicate outfit for a wine event night or that meeting with your staff.

Luckily, Elleroses has all the dainty promise ring you desire. We only use high-quality, precious metals that are ethically made here in the U.S. And, we’ve cut out the middleman.

Our dainty pieces are not thin nor overly delicate. They’re dainty, but mighty. We are dedicated to making meaningful pieces you’ll want to wear every day!

So the next time you’re about to walk out the door. Consider layering your dainty promise ring for a fresh take on your style.

Vary the Ring Styles

You can still mix up the styles if you prefer to go with more dainty promise rings. Wear a wedding bands, a tiny signet ring, and your favorite gemstone ring.

Combine delicate and chunky rings for a trendy design. This is something that women have always done, and it simply looks cool.

Styles aren’t just limited to certain kinds of rings. An engraved signet ring or a band with a significant date on it can give your outfit character and individuality. When people notice it, it will also convey a narrative.

You can mix and match a variety of common styles, including:

Wedding set, bands, and signet ring

Gemstone-set rings and heirloom jewelry

When stacking rings, think about how it will feel and the activities you plan to engage in. If you type all day, for instance, you might want to space out your layering to prevent your jewelry from clanging together and wearing out more quickly.

Try out several combinations for a while to find which ones work best. Some people prefer to wear only silver or only gold, but we advise against setting limits on yourself! Do it if it seems good.

Tricks Of The Trade: Buying A Dainty Promise Ring

Buying A Dainty Promise Ring

With a few important considerations, picking a promise ring for her or him isn’t all that different from picking an engagement ring.

Pick a Finger

Traditionally, an engagement ring and a promise ring are placed on the same finger. But it’s not necessary to be that way! The more flexible promise rings can be worn on any finger. Consider the possibility of wearing it around your neck as well! The key to this, though, is that you must be aware of the ring size once you’ve decided on a finger for the ring.

Know Your Partner's Ring Size

Of course, you need to be aware of your partner’s ring size before making any jewelry purchases! Find a ring they already wear and measure it, purchase a ring sizer and measure their fingers, or just ask them to tell you!

Choose a Metal And a Stone

It’s time to choose a metal and a stone once you have the ring size. Silver is a common option, and a single diamond is a safe bet. But it’s useful to know your partner’s tastes in this situation because obtaining a gold diamond ring could not be the perfect choice for your relationship. Maybe they’d prefer silver to gold! Despite their popularity, diamonds might not be the best choice because they could convey the wrong message.

Don’t Make Look Like an Engagement Ring

This stage is very significant because although the promise ring you select isn’t an engagement ring, you still want it to be exceptional. If you choose a ring that looks like an engagement ring, you can imply that you are willing to make a bigger commitment than you had intended. A diamond solitaire, for instance, can be an engagement ring or a promise ring, but it is most frequently worn as an engagement ring. To prevent this, discuss your selections with your jeweler so that you don’t mix up the two fashions. We guarantee that it is much simpler to purchase rings for her.

Decide On a Ring Setting

Selecting a certain ring setting is one way to keep your promise ring from appearing to be an engagement ring. As a way to distinguish promise rings from engagement rings, many of them have hearts or Celtic knots. However, you can make the ring setting as unique as you like; for example, your loved one may like a ring with three stones or two distinct stones placed side by side. Don’t overlook this step since the ring setting is equally as crucial as the metal and stone.

Keep in mind that the buyer can choose a promise ring that is straightforward or ornate. When you’re thinking about purchasing one, keep these suggestions in mind!

Best Dainty Promise Rings for Her–Tokens of Love and Hope

Best Dainty Promise Rings for Her
Created Opal Rings Dainty Promise Ring in 14K Rose Gold Plated

Your jewelry collection will benefit greatly from this white opal ring! This women’s rings’ rose gold band elegantly display the white opal and cubic zirconia stone. Such a casually stylish look is created by this stackable ring for women!

Round Zircon Minimalist Style Dainty Promise Rings for Her in Sterling Silver

Stylish and simple, this promise ring features a round cubic zirconia in a cutout design in sterling silver band. These contemporary styles can be accessorized with a touch of mod glam to dress up your go-to casual outfit or combined with your favorite geometric-patterned top for a standout look.

3 Ruby Small Dainty Promise Rings With Love Heart Design in 14k Solid Gold

This gorgeous 14KT gold design from Elleroses includes three sparkling natural rubies set in the heart-shaped frame for a feminine and dainty feel. This stunning band is a chic and current way to make a commitment or simply express your love for her.

Square Cut Natural Emerald Simple Dainty Promise Rings in 14K Gold

Give your special someone this delicate sincere ring as a sign of your love and affection. An emerald with a square cut is featured in the piece. This light green stone sparkles both on its own and when combined with other stones.

14k Gold Heart Ring Minimalist Design Dainty Promise Ring With Diamond Accent

This charming, understated ring may be worn with your existing stack and is ideal for any occasion. This gorgeous solid gold jewelry is hand-made with a hollow heart-shape frame, accented with several real diamonds for the unmistakable look of luxury.

What Finger Do You Put a Promise Ring?

The “ring finger,” or fourth finger of the left hand in most nations, is where promise rings are typically worn. It is believed that the ring finger was chosen because it is thought to contain a vein that travels straight to the heart.

The promise ring is frequently transferred to the same finger on the opposite hand in the event that an engagement ring materializes in the future. But since a promise ring can be worn with a wedding band or engagement ring, you can match its design to those rings.


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