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Ultimate Blue Wedding Rings Buying Guide 2023

Ultimate Blue Wedding Rings Buying Guide

A bolder design, blue wedding rings have become more and more popular over the past several years. Although there is a wide variety of new, contemporary styles available, it is also more challenging to choose the ideal ring. Beyond the conventional diamond rings, more innovative options include sapphire, ruby, and moissanite rings. Blue wedding rings stand out as one of the bride’s preferred designs among the latest generation of trendy rings.

Your Choice Of Color

In the past, clear diamonds were the most popular choice for wedding bands and engagement rings. Nowadays, colored diamonds are far more fashionable than ever, especially among newly engaged couples. Blue is one of the most popular colors for diamonds, made well-known by the Heart of the Ocean from the Titanic film.

Typically, blue gems cost less than diamonds of the same shape and carat weight. As a result, blue stones are a preferred substitute for diamonds in engagement rings. Choosing a blue stone can make a significant difference for couples who want to maximize the size of their center stone while maintaining within a specific budget.

However, blue diamonds are typically more expensive than white diamonds and other fancy colored diamonds, due to their scarcity.

What Is a Blue Diamond?

What Is a Blue Diamond

A blue diamond is a genuine, natural diamond that has a distinct blue tone because of the presence of boron in the carbon structure of the diamond. The color of blue diamonds can range from pale blue to deep blue, and they frequently have a secondary tint like violet, gray, or green. Blue diamonds are discovered below the earth’s surface with their original blue color; they are not altered or colored to be blue.

Only three mines in the world—the Goloconda mine in India, the Argyle Mine in Australia, and the Cullinan mine in South Africa—are known to contain blue diamonds. The price of a blue diamond depends on its carat weight and degree of blue tint. The large stones are frequently sold at auction because of this.

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Blue Diamond Origin

It takes billions of years for blue diamonds to naturally develop beneath the earth’s surface. The blue tint of these diamonds is natural; it hasn’t been boosted or color-treated in any way. The blue diamond’s captivating hue is a result of minute amounts of boron present in its carbon structure.

Sapphires and blue diamonds are completely separate gemstones, despite frequent confusion. Sapphires are a type of corundum and have small amounts of copper, chromium, iron, and titanium.

Blue Diamond Meaning

Blue Diamond Meaning

Blue diamonds stand for faith and trust, which are crucial components of any relationship. Blue-hued diamonds are supposedly protective against misunderstandings and pointless conflicts. Choosing a blue diamond as the center stone for your engagement ring or wedding band might signify how much you appreciate your relationship.

Types of Blue Diamond

Only 0.1% of the world’s color diamonds are Type IIb diamonds, the majority of which are blue. But inside blue diamonds, there is a spectrum. They range in color from pale to vibrant, deep blue. The secondary hue that most diamonds have also changes their color to become more, say, green or gray.

Blue diamonds can be described as pale blue gemstones, vivid blue gemstones, or a combination of two hues, such as blue and purple, depending on the color strength. Secondary colors give the stone color and personality. Anywhere a stone appears on the blue diamond color chart, it is certain to be a gorgeous, priceless jewel.

Blue diamonds are categorized as Fancy Color Diamonds, which is the label given to diamonds with vibrant colors. The 4Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat) of a blue diamond determine its value, with Color Intensity being the most crucial element.

How Much Does a Blue Diamond Cost

One of the most expensive kinds of diamonds is the blue variety. While a vivid blue diamond of the same carat weight can cost over $135,000, a light-colored blue diamond of the same size can cost as little as $50,000. Blue diamonds with deeper tones and larger carat sizes typically sell for $200,000. The cut and purity of a blue diamond are the two most important factors in establishing its value.

Why Choose Blue Gemstone Rings

Why Choose Blue Gemstone Rings

Are you thinking of proposing with a blue gemstone engagement ring? Blue gems are a wonderful alternative to diamonds for engagement rings, despite the fact that most couples go for diamonds. The color blue is the traditional color of aristocracy. Cloudless skies and refreshing water are also associated with this. Sapphire engagement rings, for example, are a popular choice because the blue color conveys a sense of calm and harmony. Their presence is considered to improve interpersonal connections by fostering mutual understanding, appreciation, and respect.

Influential celebrities have received blue gemstone engagement rings. We adore diamond engagement rings, don’t get us wrong, but we have five reasons why blue gemstone engagement rings are a wonderful substitute.

Blue Stone Engagement Rings Are More Unique

The most popular engagement ring material is diamond. So you quickly stood out from the crowd by opting for a blue stone. The distinction of your blue stone engagement ring, though, goes beyond the absence of them on your Instagram page. Each blue stone has a unique personality and comes in a broad variety of colors. Contrary to diamonds, which range from colorless to slightly yellow, blue stone can be light blue to midnight blue, somewhat purple, or teal, warm or chilly, saturated, or barely noticeable.This gem is incredibly adaptable.

Blue Stone Engagement Rings Are Deeply Meaningful

Because blue stones have stood for faithfulness, loyalty, and sincerity for so long, blue gemstone engagement rings have a longer history than diamond engagement rings. Blue gemstone makes a promise that it will keep; this is where the term “true blue” first appeared. Bishops wore blue stone rings in the Middle Ages to represent their marriage to the church. The ideal gemstone for your soulmate is blue stone because it is the gem of the soul. Actually, it is the ideal gemstone to convey the depth of your love for one another.

Blue Stone Engagement Rings Are Tough

Even though diamonds are tougher than mostly blue gemstones, they can be cut in half with a sharp impact. While diamond is the hardest natural material, blue sapphire is hard and sturdy enough to come in second. Which level of hardness would you like? Naturally, we expect you to be more careful with your ring now that you’re engaged. However, the elegance of a blue gemstone will endure for centuries.

Blue Stone Engagement Rings Are More Affordable

In addition to being less expensive per carat than diamond, blue gemstone also has the added benefits of being rare, historically significant, and enduringly beautiful. You can get more design leeway out of a larger blue stone for the same price. Take your pick between delicate and larger. You can go with a standard color scheme or try something completely new. Decide between the classic and the innovative in terms of style. It’s possible to buy a beautiful blue gemstone engagement ring without breaking the bank.

A Beautiful Accent Gemstone

Blue stones accent are a lovely way to combine your love of blue stones with a diamond or another gemstone as the focal point of your jewelry design. For the bride who wants to incorporate “something blue” into her ensemble, a blue wedding band is a beautiful choice. Our beautiful blue wedding rings are sure to persuade you that this stone is ideal for a ring of this kind.

5 Popular Style of Blue Wedding Rings

Popular Style of Blue Wedding Rings
Cushion Cut Blue Wedding Rings Blue Created Sapphire Engagement Rings for Women in Sterling Silver

This is a solitaire blue sapphire engagement ring with a classic style. The cushion-cut Blue Created Sapphire is set in the center and either side shank of this piece extends a row of diamonds, which is gorgeous from every angle.

Blue Stone Wedding Ring Simulated Blue Sapphire 3 Stone Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver

This classic three-stone engagement ring was made of sterling silver to continue your love story. The side stones are round-cut white zirconia with the center mounted a 8x8mm cushion-cut blue simulated sapphire, allowing you stand out from the crowd.

Blue Wedding Rings for Her Vibrant Shades Blue & White Topaz Ring in Sterling Silver

A montage of blue and white topaz gemstones in various shades of blue and white makes up this lovely ring for her. Sterling silver was crafted to make the ring’s band.

Wedding Rings Blue Swirl Round Blue Sapphire and Diamond Anniversary Rings in 14K Gold

This is exquisite and one of our more expensive options for blue sapphire bands. The band is constructed entirely of 14k white gold. With the blue sapphire and white diamonds that are also present on the band, the white gold looks extremely stunning. It has stones that appear to be twisted together rather than being arranged in a straight row. This is not only quite distinctive, but it also has a really exquisite appearance with just a hint of playful fun.

Blue Wedding Rings Milgrain Marquise Diamond and Sapphire Half Eternity Bands for Women

Due to its theme of alternating round and marquise shapes and its fine milgrain decoration, this 14k white gold diamond and blue sapphire wedding ring exudes elegance and beauty while also having a stunning vintage look.

Other Colorful Gemstone

Other Colorful Gemstone

Do you know the significance of different colored stones in rings? If it’s an engagement or anniversary ring, a one-of-a-kind jewel can also say a lot about the two of you and your commitment to one another.

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The most feminine color is pink. Furthermore, it symbolizes beauty, benevolence, and unwavering love, just like the sacred lotus flower in Asian mythology. Pink is a very popular color for anniversary and engagement rings since it is believed that pink gemstones will shield the wearer and giver’s love from harm for a lifetime.


White is a color reminiscent of sunlight and snowy scenes. As a result, it represents authenticity, sincerity, and purity. Birthday gifts that are perfect for all time are glossy white pearls or opals. White gems have a lot of good connotation, as they stand for loyalty, love, and prosperous new beginnings. So it should come as no surprise that it’s the most favored gem color for anniversary and engagement rings.


The color red has long been interpreted as a symbol of love, passion, and happiness. An engagement or anniversary ring set with a ruby or a garnet radiates vitality and warmth, and it will always draw attention to the wearer. The red color of these gems is also thought to foster healthy, fulfilling relationships.


Black is the color most commonly associated with sophistication, high status, and inner strength. Black diamonds, with their intense glimmer, bring to mind a starry sky. It has been claimed that black diamonds are the perfect accessory for sophisticated power couples that complement each other’s strengths.


The color yellow is associated with warmth and happiness. Joy, brilliance, and vitality are all symbols of these. Yellow gemstones are believed to bring a new “spark” to a relationship because of their sunny, almost fiery appearance. Yellow gemstones are also linked to elation, faithfulness, and spontaneity.


Colors like lavender, violet, and mulberry have a mysterious and exotic air. The lilac is a symbol of imagination and creativity. It is said that the wearer of an engagement ring set with a purple stone would be protected from harm and their relationship will be infused with newfound vitality.


Green is the color most commonly associated with new beginnings, rebirth, nature, and growth. It makes one think of verdant parks and woods. The color green is also commonly connected with financial success. Green gems in engagement rings are thought to bring about a prosperous, fruitful, and healthy life, at least according to the legends.


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